How do i hook up my psp to the internet

How to connect my psp to the internet make telephone calls and log onto the internet using the psp system to connect to how do i connect online with the psp.

I try to connect to the internet on my psp but it wont connect so how do i do iti dont have wireless internet i have comcast and the modem has an. I have a psp and i want to hook it up to the internet i have verizon internet so i have a router but it's not wireless can somebody please help me and give me step by step instructions.

How to connect a psp to a wireless network this wikihow teaches you how to connect a playstation portable (psp) handheld device to a wireless internet network if you can't get your psp to. I've written about this before, about how to connect your sony psp to the internet, but i think it's worth writing about again, detailing one of the most common questions people have with.

Well i just got my psp off ebay and i started testing its features, so i flicked the wlan button to on and went into the network settings, the psp dectects my network, the thing is the text. Internet psp wifi connection the following information will help you connect your psp to your wireless network to get started, (serial number) to connect to.

How to get internet on psp with usb contact your internet service provider and ask for the ip connect one end of the usb psp connector cable to the psp and.

  • If you can't get access to a wifi hotspot or an internet connection with your psp, connect the computer to your psp to the internet without needing wifi.

I love my sony psp, but i cannot figure out how to get successfully connected to the internet i know it's a wifi system, i know i need to be able to see an access point, but i cannot get it. This guide shows you how to connect your psp to the internet watch this and other related films here: .

How do i hook up my psp to the internet
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